To whom it concerns

I have worked together with and been treated by Moos Roovers for many years and therefore been able to follow his development as masseur and therapist.

It has meant a good portion security for me, especially as teacher of classical ballet but also as a choreographer, to have Moos Roovers experience available. Not only to help dancers and students, but also for me to be able to discuss and compare our knowledge in matters concerning the dancers health and developments. This has enriched my work.

Further more, Moos Roovers experience of the theatre area in a large, has had an advantage in our collaboration.

Conny Borg

Ballet director.

Choreographer and teacher

Adress: Varvsgatan 2117 29 Stockholm, Sweden

My name is Carina Jarlemark

Started my career as a dancer at the Royal Swedish Ballet
Developed as a choreographer for Opera productions and Musicals.

Retired for almost a year ago as a lector at Opera High-School in Stockholm where I worked with choreography, stage appearance and scenic-movements.

Had the pleasure to know Moos Roovers for treating me for dancing injury
from earlier days. Which he managed successfully.

I in my turn highly recommended him to my students.

As the opera art has developed into an almost likeness towards dance, the physical problem for the singers has also increased.

Trough a very interesting collaboration with Mr. Roovers we have been able to come in contact with methods to help the singer both vocally as in their moving possibilities.

Kindest regards

Carina Jarlemark


To whom it concerns

I conductor Alberto Hold-Carrido whish to write a few lines about Moos Roovers

I warmly recommend Moos Roovers whose extremely valuable
help as a physiotherapist has been a great and beneficing help to me
during the last 5 years.

Moos Roovers has helped me before, in intervals, and after performances with my posture and lifting my arms, with structured and patient treatments on moments of great and difficult tension problems

Thanks to his knowledge and experienced treatments of ballet people

I wish other people in the world of physical arts will profit of Moos valuable assistance.


Alberto Hold-Carrido
Freelance Conductor

Dear sir/madam             17 January 2009

Moos Roovers has been for many years a wonderful asset to the Choir of the Royal Swedish Opera.

As the choir often face difficult and complicated situations in various opera performances, it is quite common that peoples joints and muscles starts to trouble, we always have been able to get the help from Moos Roovers who always with great interest and knowledge has been able to heal our bodies again.

He also saved many of us, and so the performance, directly during performances when acute problem has accrued.

This is an assurance which is very positive for a vocal institution. The access to Moos Roover qualities is necessary when to rescue an artist who urgently needs help. Moos Roovers is sensitive, powerful and extremely interested in being able to solve all the physical problems that may arise in an acting

vocalist’s body. I warmly recommend Moos Roovers, although rather I would have him remain in Sweden, where he with urgent situations always quickly has been available to the Chorus of The Royal Swedish Opera and other groups in the house.

Warm regards

Barbro Hillerud
Representative Ombudsman for the Chorus of The Royal Swedish Opera